Online Articles


Statelessness, expert activists and the ‘practitioner-scholar dilemma’. For Critical Statelessness Studies (CSS) Blog series. November 24.

Who gets to be ‘Myanmar’ at the ICJ? For Allegra Lab February 19.


“You messed with the wrong generation”. For OpenDemocracy February 11.

Im Namen der Stabilität. Militärputsch in Myanmar. For TAZ February 4.


“Deutsch” in Gänsefüßchen. For TAZ July 23.

On being voices of prudence in times of a pandemic. For Allegra Lab March 23.


Harmony ideology at The Hague. Myanmar at the International Court of Justice. For Public Anthropologist December 14.

Aung San Suu Kyi at the International Court of Justice. When the personal is political. For openDemocracy December 8.

Thematic thread on #statelessness, displacement, disappearance. For Allegra Lab June 24 – June 28.

Introduction to Thematic thread on #statelessness, displacement, disappearance. For Allegra Lab June 24.

Accountability in statelessness. As part of the thematic thread on #statelessness, displacement, disappearance. For Allegra Lab June 26.

Recentering the side-lines. On the politics of ‘standing-by’. For Public Anthropologist May 4.


After the eulogy? The future of Central Asian Studies in the accelerated academy. For Allegra Lab December 4.

Saints in Politics. Aung San Suu Kyi and the Dilemmas of Political Desire. For openDemocracy September 24.

Reviewing the Review Process For Allegra Lab January 20.


Celebrating Arba’een. Shia in Myanmar For Allegra Lab August 19.

On Parasitic Professionalism For Allegra Lab May 30.

Naypyitaw: Rescaling Materiality, Capitalizing Space For FocaalBlog March 24.


Rights and Responsibilities. Anonymous Peer Review. For Allegra Lab June 22.

Anthropology Between Book and Blog. Evaluation Criteria and Communiation in Academia. For Allegra Lab March 2.


Bears and the Russian Body Politic. For Allegra Lab December 19 and April 2015.

Simulacrum Crimea. For Allegra Lab April 4.

Which constitution? What order? Constitutional politics in Ukraine. For Allegra Lab March 6.


Die ethnische Karte gespielt. Judith Beyer über den Konflikt in Kirgistan. Radio Interview For Deutschlandradio Kultur June 21.

Ethnonationalismus in Kirgistan. Die Ereignisse im Juni 2010 [Ethnonationalism in Kyrgyzstan. The June 2010 events]. For Zentralasien-Analysen  31/32. pp.11-14 (in German).

Kyrgyzstan. Referendum in a time of upheaval. For openDemocracy June 26.


‘It  has to start from above’. Making politics before and after the March revolution in Kyrgyzstan. For Danish Society for Central Asia’s Electronic Quarterly 1. pp.7-16.