Interview for ARD alpha-Demokratie. “Myanmar — das Ende der Demokratie?” on March 2, 2021.

Interview for Al Jazeera Newshour. On the atrocities committed by the Myanmar military on Feb 28, 2021.

Radio Interview for Radio 1 rbb “Wer in Myanmar protestiert“, February 13, 2021.

Post for OpenDemocracy “You messed with the wrong generation“, February 11, 2021.

Interview for Al Jazeera Inside Story. Why are human rights defenders being targeted? February 5, 2021.

Article on the coup d’êtat in Myanmar. “Im Namen der Stabilität“. For the German newspaper TAZ. February 4, 2021.

Interview for Universität Konstanz: Sprechstunde. September 10, 2020. Konstanz

Interview for Voices on Central Asia: Law and custom in Central Asia. An interview with Judith Beyer. July 24, 2020.

Keynote “On little and grand narratives in Central Asia”, held at the Conference “Central Asian Studies Inside Out. Challenging Grand Narratives”, organized by l’EHESS and ZMO (Berlin). March 28, 2019. Paris.

Interview with me in the alumni journal of my old school (Alte Landesschule Korbach)


Interview with Sean’s Russia Blog on May 31, 2017, available here or here:

Television Interview for MRTV4 (Myanmar TV) on April 1, 2016. available here.

Radio Interview for Radio France International. ‘Buddhist Nationalism in Myanmar.’ May 27, 2015. available here (2 parts):

Invited Lecture “Den Staat ver/fassen. Ein rechtsethnologischer Blick auf Verfassungspolitik. Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin. May 05, 2015. Audio file available here.

Radio  interview for Deutschlandradio Kultur. ‘Ethnologin:  Die ethnische Karte  gespielt. Judith Beyer über den Konflikin  Kirgistan’ [Anthropologist:  Playing the ethnic card. Judith Beyer on  the conflict in Kyrgyzstan].  June 21, 2010.

Television interview for 3Sat/Kulturzeit. ‘Wahlen in Kirgistan.’ [Elections in Kyrgyzstan]. June 28, 2010.